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YRGA Code of Conduct

The YRGA wishes to promote friendly and pleasurable golf for all players from our member clubs. All players should comply with the rules of golf and conduct themselves in a fit and proper manner demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times.

Use of foul language or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. Foul or abusive behaviour to any member of the Executive involved in running the competition or another player will result in immediate disqualification from that competition (as per rules of golf Rule 1.2b)

Any Formal complaint from any person or club should be sent in writing, addressed to the Secretary of the Association. Attempts will be made to resolve any issue by the President and the Committee in a fair and proper manner and in accordance with the Rules of Golf. Should the complaint be of such a serious nature that it cannot be settled by diplomacy, the President will appoint a disciplinary sub committee to investigate and rule in accordance with the Rules of Golf and the guide lines of England Golf on “the procedure and conduct of disciplinary committees”.

Any Appeal against the decision of the Disciplinary Sub Committee shall be considered by an Appeals Sub Committee made up of 6 former YRGA Presidents ( one from each Area)